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China's Casting Guide

China's Casting Guide 

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What’s it about?
China’s Casting Guide is a reference book which includes: manufacturer’s profiles, detailed information regarding main products, supply directions, applications, quality control guidelines, production line circumstances, annual production volumes and annual export values, etc.
China’s casting Guide is published twice a year and updated every six months.
For further details, please visit  website: http://castings.foundry.cn/China_Casting_Guide.jsp   or call us at: +86-532-8380 5316


China's Casting Guide China's Casting Guide 
               201909                                   202110                                 202404


China’s Casting Guide-- the 202404 edition enrolls all the attending suppliers' information which registered the FSC conference .

Content: It covers detailed information of suppliers from both non-ferrous metal casting industry and ferrous metal casting industry.


Next issue

The next issue, (which is currently being compiled) will be published in October, 2024


Application conditions:
Casting buyers and traders with purchasing requirements can obtain the soft copy of China’s Casting Guide by paying USD 100. For detail information, please contact us by email at info@foundry.cn.

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