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China's Casting Guide

China's Casting Guide 

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What’s it about?
China’s Casting Guide is a reference book which includes: manufacturer’s profiles, detailed information regarding main products, supply directions, applications, quality control guidelines, production line circumstances, annual production volumes and annual export values, etc.
China’s casting Guide is published twice a year and updated every six months.
For further details, please visit  website: http://castings.foundry.cn/China_Casting_Guide.jsp   or call us at: +86-532-8380 5316


China's Casting Guide China's Casting Guide 
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China’s Casting Guide-- the 202304 edition enrolls all the attending suppliers' information which registered the FSC conference .

Content: It covers detailed information of suppliers from both non-ferrous metal casting industry and ferrous metal casting industry.


Next issue

The next issue, (which is currently being compiled) will be published in April, 2024


Application conditions:
1. Casting buyers and traders with purchasing requirements can get the soft copy of China’s Casting Guide for free. Please send an application email to info@foundry.cn by your own enterprise mailbox, we will send it to you in two days.
2. Word top 500 enterprises and other leading purchasers can get the hard copy of China’s Casting Guide for free. Please phone 0532-83805316 or send email to info@foundry.cn. (all the buyers are required to pay the dilivery fee)

Colour Inside page: 
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