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16th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference Wrapped Up Successfully in Shanghai


With warm spring breeze and mildness sunshine, the 16th Global foundry sourcing conference has been held in Shanghai successfully. It is organized by Suppliers China Co., Ltd and co-organized by National Technical Committee 54 on Foundry of Standardization Administration of China.


16th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference Wrapped Up Successfully in Shanghai

The conference has attracted more than 550 delegates from over 20 countries which include around 160 purchasing enterprises. All of the purchasers attended this conference with their own sourcing programs. There were MAN, SAF-Hollan, BENTELER (China) Co., Ltd. CNH Industrial, DANIELI, WACKER NEUSON, Rope Block, WWATTSM, Valeo, CARGOTEC, SUlZER, CRANE GROUP, Flowserve, TRW, ArvinMeritor, EATONMAGNAMETAL 7Canada BUHLER Industry Group, TATA groupBharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.IranKhodro Toyota Hitachi, BOMBARDIER CPC Propulsion System Co., Ltd. Telma, etc. In addition, Alfa Laval group, Babcock Power Inc., Finland Metso Minerals, and USA PSG Group have made purchasing presentations about global sourcing strategy, development plans of Chinese suppliers, requirement on suppliers and specified introduction of supply chain management. 

 Delegates from Indian Bharat 

 Purchasing Presentation from Alfa Laval Group

Purchasing Presentation from  Babcock Power Inc.

From the demand of purchasers, we can find that the castings demand has been increasing with American industry recovering rapidly. Besides, affected by exchange rate, purchasers in euro zone are facing increased sourcing pressure as well as higher requirements on supply chain cost. Meanwhile, European companies have transferred their fixed assets program to China. The demand in Middle East has leveled off. Besides, the purchasing programs of Japanese, Korean and Indian suppliers have presented diverse characteristics. In recent years, the foundry enterprises in China are under pressure of recruitment difficulties, environment protection and low market demand, which has brought away Chinese traditional price advantages. Large multinational corporations have sent orders to low cost country, but there are still more high-end souring orders in China. However, it is also an opportunity for China. Chinese enterprises can update equipment, improve production line and enhance R&D ability, by providing excellent products and perfect service to meet new challenges. However, small and middle sized overseas buyers would like to purchase in China at present and in the next few years.

 Products Promotion Report from Shanghai Honggang Power Station Equipment Castings & Forgings Co., Ltd.

 Products Promotion Reports from Qingte Group Co., Ltd., TOYO KM JS Co.,Ltd., and Weichai Power Casting & Forging Co., Ltd.

 Presentation of Company Introduction and Applications from FOSECO Foundry (China) Co., Ltd.

Suppliers' Samples Visiting

FSC has invited around 380 supplier delegates from Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, China, India, and New Zealand and other countries and regions. The delegates from Shanghai Honggang Power Station Equipment Castings & Forgings Co., Ltd., Qingte Group Co., Ltd., TOYO KM JS Co.,Ltd., and Weichai Power Casting & Forging Co., Ltd. have made production promotion reports, to introduce main products, R & D capability, hardware level, and inspection ability and so on. The delegate from one of the World Top 500 enterprises indicated that the Chinese casting enterprises were improving fast, some companies’ technology skill, hardware, and management had reached world first-class level. So they will transfer high-end and mid-end casting products to China. In addition, the delegate from the global casting materials supplier--FOSECO Foundry (China) Co., Ltd. offered a presentation of its company's introduction and applications, which analyzed from casting materials selecting during production process to products quality controlling. The presentation drew a lot of attention from casting factories.

 Delegates from Alfa Laval are negotiating with supplier from New Zealand

Delegates from PSP Engineering a.s. are negotiating with suppliers

FSC offered negotiation tables to purchasers in the afternoon, so that they could face to face talk with suppliers. Due to the committee have provided the service of helping matching suppliers with purchasers three months before conference, most of the buyers and sellers went right to the point during the conference. The delegate from PSP Engineering a.s. said that, he has negotiated with more than thirty casting suppliers and appreciated this kind of effective way of negotiating. Besides, he was satisfied with the quality and number of suppliers, which helped a lot for developing suppliers.

Delegates from Babcock Power Inc are negotiating with suppliers 

 Delegates from German MAN are negotiating with suppliers

Delegates from Singer Valve are negotiating with suppliers

FSC dedicates to build a professional multinational casting sourcing platform. Besides holding the Foundry Sourcing Conference, they also offer B2B, publications, consulting service and so on. Relying on universal casting procurement database and world casting supplier database, FSC keeps improving, innovating and optimizing continuously in accordance with market demand. For instance, the publication named China’s Casting Guide has been redesigned from the 16th conference. The book was edited with English and Chinese separated, to fit different reading habits of the readers from home and abroad. In the future, the electronic editions of China’s Casting Guide will be distributed freely abroad, which will help foreign buyers learn well about Chinese casting enterprises, so that they could easily find suitable suppliers and place more orders.

 Delegates from American TRW are negotiating with suppliers

Delegates from IranKhodro are negotiating with suppliers 

 Delegates from Metal 7 are negotiating with suppliers

 Delegates from TATA are negotiating with suppliers

Delegates from Danieli are negotiating with suppliers

The Global Foundry Sourcing Conference has been successfully held for 16 times. It’s highly praised and trusted by the attending enterprises, with the good quality of innovating and chasing for perfect service. FSC will contribute more to upgrading Chinese casting industry.

Suppliers China Co., Ltd.