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The 19th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference 2016 Successfully Held in Qingdao


2016 2nd China Casting Exporting Conference was Successfully Held in Qingdao

It’s well known that China is the world's largest producer and consumer of castings, but the proportion of casting exporting only accounts for about ten percent, and mainly in the low-end products. In recent years, international buyers have transferred low value-added orders from China to Southeast Asia in order to save purchasing cost. Chinese foundries are facing challenges of less demands, higher labor cost and environmental pressure. The advantage of low-cost products is gradually disappearing. To survive and develop, the foundries need to improve labor productivity, casting quality, reduce production cost, and adopt the competitive strategy and so on.


In view of this serious situation, FSC held 19th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference 2016 and 2nd China Casting Exporting and Technology Conference 2016 during Sep. 21-22, 2016. The event aims to build a platform for casting procurement, negotiations, market analysis and technical exchange. The conference has attracted more than 500 delegates at home and abroad. Conference information is as follows: 

2016 2nd China Casting Exporting Conference was Successfully Held in Qingdao

2nd China Casting Exporting Conference was held on the morning of Sep. 21

2nd China Casting Exporting Conference mainly focuses on casting exporting. Reports include:

Elkem Carbon (China) Company Limited Technical Director Report

Well-known enterprise -- Elkem Carbon (China) Co., Ltd. Mr. Rene made a report of automotive trends and outlook. Mr. Rene analyzed the trend of global automotive market, product profit, regional sales and profits in recent years, prospected for the development of global automotive and spare parts market from 2015 to 2025 and gave suggestions on the development of automobile casting enterprises.

Hikingic Commerce Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Fangyi Introducing Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service

Senior expert -- Mr. Liu Fangyi from Hikingic Commerce Co., Ltd. made a report of foreign trade comprehensive service in the new era, analyzed exporting problems, such as customs clearance, settlement, tax rebates, international logistics, credit financing and provided solutions.

Canadian Buyer--Mr. Jordan Giguere Introducing Chinese & Canadian Casting Observations

Overseas buyer --Canada Ferrotech Menard, Inc. has been purchasing castings in China for nearly 20 years. Mr. Jordan Giguere made a report of Chinese & Canadian casting observations, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of China casting enterprises, and put forward some suggestions on the development of Chinese foundry.

Senior expert --DNV GL Ms. Zhao Jin made a report of EU market entry requirements for castings. The report made a detailed introduction of PED NORSOK certification, M-650 certification, DNV GL shipbuilding materials approval, material inspection requirements, and put forward valuable suggestions for Chinese castings to enter the EU market.

Senior expert -- Dr. Zhao Zhongkai from Qingdao Huatong Science & Industry Investment Co. Ltd. analyzed the acquisition of the world's top casting equipment enterprise Künkel Wagner Germany GmbH, provided a meaningful reference for more enterprises to go out.

Overseas expert -- Mr. Martin from Foundries Technologies & Engineering Ltd. made a report of Austria foundry seeking for whole company transfer. Enterprises can quickly enter the European market through the acquisition of the foundry.


2nd China Foundry Conference was held on the afternoon of Sep. 21

China Foundry Conference mainly focuses on the new material, new technology, new process, and new equipment on the foundry industry. The reports include: Shandong Shenzhou Group made a report of Shenzhou Induction Furnace introduction, Elkem Carbon (China) Co., Ltd. made a report of Shrinkage Porosity in Cast Iron: Causes and Cures, Qingdao 4808 Plant’s engineer Mr. Xiong Xingzhi made a report of Wet Regeneration Technology of Water Glass Used Sand, Jingang New Material Co., Ltd. made a report of Ceramic Power Sand and the Application in Production, Professor Ji Zesheng from Harbin University of Science and Technology made a report of Application of Aluminum Alloy Squeeze Casting in Automobile Bearing, ExOne made a report of 3D Printed Sand Casting Core/Mold, Kunkel Wagner Germany GmbH made a report of Moulding Line from Kunkel Wagner and Twinpress 4.0, Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Holding (Group) ., Ltd. made a report of Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Holding (Group) .,Ltd. Overview, Foundry Technologies & Engineering Ltd. made a report of the New Online Foundry-Lexicon.

Professor Ji Zesheng from Harbin University of Science and Technology Introducing the Application of Aluminum Alloy Squeeze Casting in Automobile Bearing

Professor Sun Qingzhou Introducing Ceramic Power Sand and the Application in Production

Mr. Gunnar M. Hansen's Report--Shrinkage Porosity in Cast Iron Causes and Cures

Mr. Martin Uhlemann Introducing The New Online Foundry-Lexicon

The conference set up expert on-site Q & A section, enterprises can consult experts in the Q & A area.

Expert Wang Wenzhong is Answering Technical Questions Raised by Enterprises

Foundries with Their Drawings is Consulting Experts Xiong Xingzhi and Zhang Guanghe

FSC will focus on the increasingly high demand of the casting export enterprises for new materials, new technology, new technology, new equipment, to build a global "four-new" casting exchange platform, introduce the international "four-new" to China, help domestic casting export enterprises to enhance the casting level and management, shorten the development cycle of new projects, improve and maintain product quality, reduce production costs by using new foundry materials, technology, and equipment, and finally to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the company, improve value-added products and profits.


19th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference was held on Sep. 22

The conference attracted more than 50 domestic and foreign purchasers, including BMW, John Deere, Hella Auto, Bonfiglioli and so on. 7 purchasers made purchasing reports on the conference, including Alfa Laval, Canada Ferrotech Menard Inc, Canada Buhler Industries Inc, Danfoss Power Solutions, AVK Holding, Paragon Metals Inc. and ATG. Guangzhou KINBON Liquid Mold Forging Technology Co., Ltd. made a product promotion.

2016 19th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference was Successfully Held in Qingdao

Sweden Alfa Laval Group Procurement Presentation

Guangzhou KINBON Liquid Mold Forging Technology Co., Ltd. Introducing The Application of Liquid Mold Forging Process in the Production of Aluminum Alloy Structure Parts

Danfoss Power Solutions Procurement Presentation

AVK Procurement Presentation of Looking for Pump & Valve Casting

The negotiation time in the afternoon was purchaser-focused. Each buyer was offered a negotiation table to face-to-face talk with suppliers. The negotiation zone is separated into ferrous metal zone and non-ferrous metal zone. FSC started business-match service three months before the conference, which saved time for suppliers and buyers during conference. Finally, the conference won high praise from customers.

Negotiation Between Canadian Ferrotech Menard Inc. and Suppliers

Negotiation Between Shanghai TJ Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. and Suppliers

Visiting Samples of Shijiazhuang Weiwo Machinery Co., Ltd.

Negotiation Between Italian ITR and Suppliers

Negotiation Between FL Smidth and Suppliers

Negotiation Between John Deere and Suppliers

Negotiation Between German BMW and Suppliers at VIP Room


Besides procurement platform and FSC Global Foundry Sourcing Conference, FSC also set up casting expert team, members includes casting technical experts, casting production, casting procurement and supply chain management experts, quality inspection and logistics. FSC will provide more qualified service for casting buyers and suppliers, make greater contribution to the upgrading and sustainable development of China's foundry industry!


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