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As buyers, you can: 

Register for free membership:

Casting buyers can register for free membership on the website  www.Foundry-Suppliers.Com to post trade leads and browse information of China Foundry Suppliers Database.

Register for full membership:

Purchasers with full membership can browse the details of suppliers in China Foundry Suppliers Database including materials, equipment list, size, annual output, main customers, contact information, etc.

Participate in the conference:

Meet more high-qualified casting suppliers and get China’s Castings Guide for free. You can bring samples and drawings and communicate further with suppliers in the conference. SC will be responsible for recommending suppliers for you 90 days prior to the conference and provide full membership service for six months.
Each company attending the conference will be given 1 negotiation table, a complete set of conference materials and the conference lunch.

Purchasing explanations:

SC will release related information on more than 50 overseas and domestic media, and be responsible for recommending suppliers 90 days prior to the conference beginning, matching you with suitable suppliers, providing further communications and 365-day tracking services


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