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As suppliers
    ※ Having over 20 employees in your company with ISO/QS/TS certificate or QC/QA
         process, understanding products’  drawings and requirements in English
    ※ Good quality products and guarantee of delivery time 

    ※ Having World Top 500 customers or having plans for expanding international 


    ※ Deciding to make further progress and expand business

    ※ Seeking for new business partners and replacing the old customers who are 

         unable to meet your requirements on the basis of a better business……

At the FSC, you will find:
    ※ Professional foundry sourcing buyers from Europe, North America, Japan, etc. 
    ※ Possibility of talking with several purchasers face to face at the same time
    ※ Finding professional casting purchasers more efficiently than in traditional shows
    ※ Opportunities to contact with overseas purchasers directly

    ※ A professional e-commerce exchange platform for global foundry at  www.foundry-suppliers.com







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Suppliers China Co., Ltd. (SC)
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Tel: +86-532-8380 5316
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E-mail: info@foundry.cn